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Autumn walk

We had a lovely Autumn this year in Manchester! Full of colours, sunny days and lovely weather - just perfect for walk with kids and outdoor photo session in the meantime!

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We don't have any park near to my house in Stretford, but we have a lovely green area just around the corner called Stretford Meadows! I love to go there for a sessions beacause even if there is nothing very interesting and spectacular, you have some great areas just perfect for a pictures! Some trees and some high grass, wild flowers at Spring and Summer and even a wild pear tree! Ofcourse you need to be careful if you want to seat on grass, as there are a lot of dogs coming for their walks :)

I took my son Tymon and nieces Pola & Lena for a walk and I wanted to make some nice, colourful, Autumn pictures for them. There are effects :)

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