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Workshops in Poland

I had a wonderful time during my latest workshops in Poland which were held at beautiful palace at Leśno Górne in August 2020.

We had an opportunity to photograph two beautiful models Wiktoria & Karolina outdoor and in studio with natural light. I was also showing my editing style tips and tricks! There are some results!

For our outdoor photo shoot I choose beautiful field which were located just outside our workshop location. August in Poland is a harvest time so we found some beautiful looking straw stacks there.

I placed our models wearing colorful vintage dresses and hats with wild flowers on old armchair. I do all styling and clothes by myself, models don't wear any make-up as I love this natural look on such a young girls. Most of my dresses are bought in charity shops or car boots - I really like to search for clothes with history and vintage vibe! I think this is very interesting look and I love this pictures so much!

Our second location was studio inside of Leśno Górne palace - which is rented by wonderful Viola from Trusso Fotografia. She was a wonderful host during my workshops.

We used natural light coming through big windows which were located at front and side of models. As our background I used light grey walls. Models wears some see through vintage tops. As accesories I used old trumpet and gloves. For Karolina I used blue bow and few old wrist watches which I borrowed from my grandma! I wanted to style it as some kind of Alice in Wonderland theme. There are some results:

Our third and last location was the most magical place ever - beautiful, old attic <3 For this one I used mustard armchair which I found there and some old books. Models wear dresses/sets which I bought at charity shops. I really love match similar colors of clothes, background and accessories to get this almost monochromatic look. The light was just perfect there with one small window so we get very Rembrandt and dramatic effect.

The rest of our long day took editing of pictures we've done. I was showing some tips and tricks which I use during my editing routine. I always try to get good pictures at camera so my editing is not very complicated, but when I want to add some magic I like to composite.

If you are interested about individual or group workshops please contact me! For individual workshops I am available all year round at my location in Wigan, Manchester. Also I do online editing workshops so if you want to know more just ask!


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